Certified Rose at Las Vegas Show?

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a message dated 9/3/2007 2:03:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
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> "I can remember when I was sixteen what a sight for sore eyes I must of 
> been.
> Use to hang with a pretty wife but all the problems were so,is that all Ive 
> done???
> but their became a conk/conch(stopped working),I hit 21 a new chapter had 
> begun,
> you gone away.Now my body's been broken,my eyes can't see,my ears
> can't hear anymore but I'm still me.Now I do what I want..blah blah.

Ernie wrote:

>>>>he's sung that quite a bunch of times during "the kids are alright" after 
pete sang some, what seemed to be, improvised lyrics. wasn't just in vegas. 
it part of "certified rose", or just roger's input on the new meaning of "the 
kids are alright"?<<<
Yeah,could of been,this don't sound like a ballad as Pete said about it
in his diary.But since Roger doesn't want to release it then I think it's
water under the bridge for now.But here is my deciphered words
from the Boston 2002 DVD.Makes more sense now ;)
"use to hang with a pretty wild bunch,our problems were
solved with a slap or a punch...
then came the crunch(crutch)I hit 21 a new chapter begun
I ain''t going away yet....
And I too am one, just one of you,we were all in the Who
and that will do..
now i am free and I will survive.... blah blah.....
Back to the drawing board.Certified Rose is a

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