Certified Rose at Las Vegas Show?

Lowgens02 at aol.com Lowgens02 at aol.com
Mon Sep 3 01:02:54 CDT 2007

lowgens02 wrote:

> I could be wrong,but I believe that Roger sang some of the words
> to it during TKAA at the said Vegas show on the 14th of September
> 2002.
> Someone can correct me or confirm hopefull.
> I have the show on DVD(The Who:Smokes The Joint).
>>>>rgordon1276 at gmail.com writes:<<<

>>>That would be the show, and I was wondering about Brian's source.  If 
got it, can you identify any lyrics?<<<<

I've listened to it 30 times and it's very hard to understand Roger in his
garbled hoarse voice.Here goes......
"I can remember when I was sixteen what a sight for sore eyes I must of been.
Use to hang with a pretty wife but all the problems were so,is that all Ive 
but their became a conk/conch(stopped working),I hit 21 a new chapter had 
you gone away.Now my body's been broken,my eyes can't see,my ears
can't hear anymore but I'm still me.Now I do what I want..blah blah.
Thats the best I can do at this time,lol.

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