Lydon on My Generation

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Sun Sep 2 12:58:09 CDT 2007

This may be true of some songwriters such as Alice Cooper,  
>> but not Pete.

>Careful, Jon.  That kind  of broad-brushed deification could be
>used to argue that Pete's gay  ("Rough Boys," "And I Moved")
>*and* he likes to rape virgins ("Dr.  Jimmy").  Obviously, the
>issue isn't so "black &  white."

Of course. But that might take some thought and understanding.  
Besides, Dr. Jimmy was John's part, right?
>> What Lydon said proves that he doesn't have a  clue.

>It's just Lydon being Rotten, isn't it?  It's what he  does.  And
>Pete helped pave the way for that type of harsh, sneering  criti-
>cism (think of the Beatles/"flippin' lousy"  comment).

>Much more stinging, IMO, was Kurt Cobain's comment:   "I 
>hope I die before I become Pete Townshend."
Yeah. My point is that there was a very important point to Pete's  statement, 
"I hope I die before I get old."  I have that same  hope. 
Jon in Mi.

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