Lydon on My Generation

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I finally read the whole interview,Ernie.As long as Johnny pokes fun of 
himself and questions himself
and ponders his shy childhood,then the Pete thing,well it seems alot better 
when all put into context.
>>>“There’s this thing in rock’n’roll and it crept in with that Who song: I 
hope I die before I get old. That nonsense from Pete Townsend. I mean he 
should be embarrassed for writing such a terrible line. It’s the silliest thing 

Even sillier is the idea that Johnny has no idea why anyone is fascinated 
with him. As a man who was at the forefront of the punk rock movement, it’s 
revolutionary he doesn’t see himself as revolutionary
“I don’t have any idea why I’m famous. I never did. There I am looking in 
the mirror every morning going I can’t be the face, must be something else. 

I used to be terribly shy. Awfully<<<<<<
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>>>>I know what that line means too. so what if Lydon probably misinterpreted 
he was probably asked a question and to use an example to back up his answer, 
"hope I die before I get old" came into his mind<<<<

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