Lydon on My Generation

Sat Sep 1 18:32:47 CDT 2007

if you had to make a choice to find someone who could stir up controversy 
over a statement about pete townshend, John Lydon would probably be the last 
person you would choose. someone from the stones? yes. someone from the beatles? 
yeah. but John Lydon? nah, I doubt it. he's always making controversial 
statements, if you wanna call them that. that's probably why it isn't big news. 

I know what that line means too. so what if Lydon probably misinterpreted it? 
he was probably asked a question and to use an example to back up his answer, 
"hope I die before I get old" came into his mind. I use examples too to back 
up what I want to say about whatever it is I'm responding to. like I used 
ringo in my last response.  and misspelling pete's name pisses me off too but I 
heard from someone that roger's last name was misspelled in the ending credits 
of a who DVD that was distributed by their fan club recently. i'm sure a DVD by 
your own fan club would probably spell your name correctly. am I wrong about 

and by the way, my name is not matt. : )

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