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John Lydon said:
>>I hope I die before I get old. That nonsense from Pete Townsend. I mean he 
should be embarrassed for 
writing such a terrible line. It¢s the silliest thing ever."...<<<<
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> But the issue is on his comment on Pete and his penned and recorded ' My 
> Generation'.Lydon and The Sex Pistols should respect Townshend<<<<
Matt wrote:

>>>it wasn't on pete, it was on the line itself. who pete is and what pete 
writes / sings are two different things<<<<
It's one of the,if not the greatest line ever written in rock n' roll history 
but because John Lydon is not in the limelight these days and Pete 
The Who are, and are allover the place,he wants to be able to be
connected to it all by stirring up controversy and getting his name
around again.As a friend of mine said,John wants to be able to be
found these days when someone googles "Pete Townshend" but the 
author of OK Magazine f*cked that up for him by spelling Pete's name 
wrong haha! j/k .The line "hope I die before I get old' wasn't literal, it was
a rebellious statement on authority which was the sign of the times in the 
60's.Pete didn't say "take drugs,shoot yourself and die before I get old".
John Lydon,go back to your posh California home and your tupper ware
parties and just f..f..f..fff faaaade away!

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