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> But the issue is on his comment on Pete and his penned and recorded ' My 
> Generation'.
> Lydon and The Sex Pistols should respect Townshend as he is the Godfather 
> and
> they were the punks.Honesty is commendable but plain stupidity and the 
> relentless
> need to hear oneself speak their own sewage time and time again is another.

it wasn't on pete, it was on the line itself. who pete is and what pete 
writes / sings are two different things. and like I said, I don't agree with some 
of what Lydon says, and he's not asking anyone to. I'm reminded of something 
ringo of all people said that what groups need to do these days is basically 
DISrespect the ones who came before them for that's what true rock is. dismiss it 
and do your own thing.  when ringo had his own label, he actually wanted the 
sex pistols on it but couldn't get them.  but anyway. where was I? oh yeah. 
so what's this about that they should respect pete for he's "the godfather"? 
wasn't that title bestowed on paul weller? marlon brando perhaps? pete has 
never proclaimed himself to be a "godfather" or any of that crap.  they shouldn't 
do anything but stick to their guns. and that's what Lydon is doing here. I'm 
someone who has read and heard a whole lot of stuff he's said about all types 
of things through the years, and I'm often surprised and pleased at the same 
time with his honesty. may not agree with whatever it is he says, but I'm 
happy that there's someone in rock who isn't afraid to spill out what's on his 
mind and refusing to cave in to corperate interests like a certain guitar wielder 
tends to do at times.  he's not saying anything to put up a front or hear 
himself speak, he really means it. I'm sure if he said something negative about 
someone else, you'd probably like him again.     
as far as that reality show stuff goes, I think he quit like after two or 
three days, and I don't blame him. ha!  but like I also said, he tends to be a 
hypocrite at times. don't we all?   take the good with the bad. 

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