THIS is Spinal Tap!?!

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> So much of the film had significant parallels to The Who.  There were
> a few Zep, and Yoko/Linda Mac references as well, but in my opinion,
>  it was largely based on The Who.  Many of the scenes could be directly
>  traced back to The Kids Are Alright.

others have compared it to the black sabbath story, iron maiden. there are 
alot of bands that spinal tap may have been parodying. when it first came out, 
gene simmons from KISS and quiet riot were angry. riot stating later on that 
their second album had a two-word review also, before tap came out.  I read 
though that harry shearer (who played the entwistle-like bassist) followed some 
english metal band around and it was their bassist he was parodying. forgot 
their name. it wasn't really a well known band. check out the following link with 
some info on where some of their inspirations came from.

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