THIS is Spinal Tap!?!

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Mon Oct 29 14:48:34 CDT 2007

<<<<<This is where I was most uncomfortable.    Are
The Who
really this cheesy?  >>>>>>>  

You raise a valid question. I dont think the Who are
cheesy but my views may be tainted a rose colour. Most
people i talk to, who aren't Who "fans", only have
positive things to say about them and the recent tours
so it's not looking too bleak out there. When i last
watched it (Spinal Tap), i got more of a " This is
Deep Purple" notion. 

I think the Daltrey sings Townshend tour was cheesy.
Roger is good at cheesy but Pete and Rog doing the Who
-now -isn't IMHO.

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