THIS is Spinal Tap!?!

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Mon Oct 29 12:25:23 CDT 2007

I rented Spinal Tap to watch with my kids this past weekend.   I had
seen it many years before and enjoyed it then.

I was a bit unnerved this time due to the fact that I'm now looking at
this through the lens of a classic rock fan, and above all, a Who Freak!

So much of the film had significant parallels to The Who.  There were
a few Zep, and Yoko/Linda Mac references as well, but in my opinion,
  it was largely based on The Who.  Many of the scenes could be directly
  traced back to The Kids Are Alright.

This is where I was most uncomfortable.    Are The Who
really this cheesy?    Was it just *the times* that makes it look so
bad?   Were the spats between Pete and Roger really so adolescent?
Do the band members really look that dumb when taken out of context?

Is it not possible to discuss/dissect Rock and Roll without completely
ruining the whole trip?

All I can say, is thank goodness The Who didn't have a big skull on their

Joe in Philly

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