The suspicions

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Sun Oct 28 12:29:20 CDT 2007

I hate being referred to as a Wholigan too.  The term just doesn't fit the average Who fan, and in fact seems derogatory to me.  Most of the fans I know of are middle aged professionals who like to peacefully celebrate the music of their favorite band together.  Hooligans conjures up an image of violent thugs beating the hell out of each other.  Personally, I just don't like to be called that.

The guy posting the news items is the same one who was in charge of putting news up on TWT.  He went by the name of Whodini on that site.  

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  Personally, I find the whole "Wholigans" thing pretty flippin' cheesy.
  Who's running the show over there these days?

  Kevin in VT

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