The Who eye Japan and Australia tour in 2008

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Sat Oct 27 09:00:09 CDT 2007

>Martin Bailey
>The Who eye Japan and Australia tour in 2008
>Note the words "Daltrey said Townshend has been writing new material."
>And Daltrey says "I won't see the film"

I have to laugh.
I couldn't help think while I was reading that, that Pete was also reading 
and learning about the tour and new album for the first time.
"Eh?  We're touring next Summer?  I'm writing new material <for The Who>?
Whot the hell is Roger going on about now?"

And so it goes in Whoville.
The give and take relationship of Roger and Pete.
Push me, pull you.
Piss me off, but motivate me none the less.

What a soap opera.

Stay in tune!
Kevin in VT

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