The Who eye Japan and Australia tour in 2008

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Sat Oct 27 04:21:31 CDT 2007


Note the words "Daltrey said Townshend has been writing new material."

And Daltrey says "I won't see the film"


The Who eye Japan and Australia tour in 2008
Sat Oct 27, 2007 12:37am BST

By Dean Goodman


Three months after The Who wrapped up a yearlong tour, singer Roger Daltrey 
is chomping at the bit to return to the road, saying on Friday he hopes the 
band will visit Japan and Australia next year.

The British rock veterans last played those countries in 2004. It marked 
their first Australian tour in 36 years, and first time ever in Japan.

"I think we'll do some shows next year," Daltrey told Reuters. "We just 
finished 13 months of touring all over the States and Europe, and are 
probably due to go back to Japan and Australia next year. So we'll see what 
happens there."

Daltrey, 63, and guitarist/songwriter Pete Townshend, 62, are the last two 
surviving members of the foursome.

Drummer Keith Moon succumbed to an overdose of pills in 1978, and bass 
player John Entwistle to a cocaine-induced heart attack in 2002 on the eve 
of a North American tour.

The most recent trek coincided with the release of their first album in 25 
years, "Endless Wire."

"We don't want to stop now," Daltrey said. "We don't want those long 
hiatuses that we used to have. We feel at this time of our lives it's too 
precious a thing to take liberties with time. When you're young, you've got 
that time. When you're old, you haven't. You should at least keep the ball 

Daltrey said Townshend has been writing new material.

"I've always felt -- after Pete had written (the 1969 album) "Tommy" -- I 
always had a little thing inside me saying, 'He'll write his best work when 
he's an older man.' Pete has that kind of intellect.

In the meantime, The Who are preparing for the November 6 release of the 
two-disc DVD "Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who," a documentary about 
their rise, fall and current resurrection. Daltrey participated fully in the 
project, but has no desire to watch the finished product.

"There's no point in me seeing it, I lived it. I'll watch me, I won't see 
the film. I'll watch me in the film, and I find that very uncomfortable."

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