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Sun Oct 21 23:44:17 CDT 2007

Oops, yeah, I know, I didn't explain my self too well (and I was even sober... but now I'm kinda tired).  I'm with the others who wouldn't pay $50 for 2 CDs, not when you can get the 2-CD Live At Leeds Deluxe set for $20.  And the other stuff being added in isn't enough to make me take the plunge, especially when it only lasts for a year.
  Although I might be interested in DVDs, from a wannabe working musician's standpoint.  I like to watch how Keith or Zak (or even Simon or, theoretically, Kenney) play certain things, and it's a lot easier to figure out what they're doing if you can see them.

Bruce <bkawak at> wrote:
  > Good point, I hadn't thought of it that way. I doubt I'll pay the $50 
> myself, especially since it's only for a year's membership. I just can't 
> see paying a subscription fee to be a fan.
> Scott

You're paying $50 for the 2CD. That's why it is offered. They know no one 
would pay for the other stuff included without it. It has nothing to do 
with being a fan, it's about the money. Next year to entice re-subscription 
they will probably offer a DVD of Houston '71, or something along those 


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