Bruce bkawak at
Sun Oct 21 19:51:31 CDT 2007

> Yes, that's' how I read it too.  But I also think people will re-sell them 
> cheap on eBay like the Fragments concert DVDs are being sold now.
>  Scott

Yes, if you want the 2CD set you have to pay $50.  They know that's all most 
people really want. I couldn't care less about the rest of it.  The question 
is are they going to dangle another carrot when the year's subscription runs 

This CD set will not be common as the Fragments DVD on ebay.  Remember 
thousands got Fragments in their attempt to get better concert tickets. 
This "fan club" or whatever it is won't get anywhere near that.  Only 
diehard fans will be ponying up $50 for 2 CDs.  Several people on the 
general music boards are already saying they won't pay the price.  Add to 
that a lot of casual Who/music fans just won't know about it.


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