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Sun Oct 21 16:22:28 CDT 2007

21st October, 2007

On November 5th,'s subscription scheme will be launched. For a modest fee of $50 per year ($40 if you still have an active subscription to, you can become an official Wholigan and, in so doing, get past the site's heaviest bouncers and gain full on access.

What do you get when you subscribe to and become an official Wholigan?

- 'View From A Backstage Pass', exclusive only to official Wholigans. This double CD contains a whole generation of rare live Who performances (1969 - 1976) that have been maturing like fine old wine in the The Who's cellars. Don't miss it: this is a one off (OK - a two off), which you can't buy this in the shops and it's not available for download. Best of all, 'View From A Backstage Pass' is FREE when you subscribe to and become an official Wholigan.

- Full Access to the site. Hang out with other Wholigans around the World on the message board area (open 24/7); watch full-length videos from every era in the band's career; listen to audio tracks maybe; have full access to communications from Pete and Roger, including Pete's blogs.

- Personalised e-mail: as a subscriber you receive your own email address (yournamehere at and regular mailings, so you'll be the first to know about new releases, special appearances, publications or tour dates. You also gain access to 'Wholigans-Only' sections of the message boards and discussion forums, including a very special area - '100 Faces'.

- Massive discounts in WHO SELL-OUT - the official Who Store. As a subscriber, you qualify for a 25% discount off every item you buy in the store - throughout the year of your subscription.

- Exclusive Full-Length Videos: As a subscriber you will be able to watch videos from every Who generation, from 1964 to now, in full, whenever you choose. Plus there will be video exclusives. (This feature will be available in 2008).

- Every Song on Every Album (b-sides too!): Maybe you only tuned in and turned onto the band on 'Endless Wire', their 2006 album, or maybe it was through 'Who's Next', 'Quadrophenia' or Tommy. Maybe you want to check out some of their earlier stuff. There's Who music stretching back to the early 60s. Perhaps you don't want to buy it yet; you're not sure if it's your thing - no worries. As a Wholigan, you'll be able to listen online to Who tracks, then add them to your mp3 player, if you like. (This feature will be available in 2008)

Get ready to subscribe to on November 5th. It's a Bargain!

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