Fri Oct 19 09:34:03 CDT 2007

Hello campers,
We attend the private viewing of THE WHO 1966 an exhibition of photographs  
by Colin Jones at Hoopers Gallery London. On display there where 140  
photographs. There where 3 colour photos that where promo photos, and the rest  where B 
& W. Most of the photo's where from the Locarno, Stevenage or the  Jigsaw 
Club, Manchester. There where photo's of Roger shaving without a shirt  on, John 
playing guitar with Queenie in the background, Pete buying shirts in a  shop, 
fans googling at Keith, and some lovely photo's of Keith at his drum kit.  The 
pics where very pricey starting from for the B&W £1000+vat. unframed,  
£1080+vat for framed, there limited editions of 25, The colour photos are  £2000+vat 
unframed, £2150+vat framed, Limited edition of 10. The photos aren't  
numbered or signed and spell Daltrey without the "E". Most of the photo's have  been 
seen in the past in various books. 
The dynamic duo where no where to be seen. The only two familiar faces  where 
Matt Kent and Andy Neil. It was lovely to catch up with them again.
Melissa & Gary Hurely


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