Trick Question

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Fri Oct 19 20:21:05 CDT 2007

At work yesterday as I was walking into the house I was painting, the  
carpenters were taking a break.  One guy is older than me (he has a mullet)  and 
there were two young guys in their early 20's debating about  something.  As I 
walked by the garage opening the older one said: "Jon will  know.  -Hey Jon, who 
wrote Behind Blue Eyes?"  
I couldn't believe my ears. As I stopped to look at them I thought,  'is this 
a joke?'  I replied with a puzzled look, "Pete  Townshend did. -The Who."    
And the one kid said to the other  "See, I told you it wasn't Pearl Jam!"  The 
boss said: "I knew  he'd know it.  Jon's a Who fanatic."  
I said: "Freak" And walked in.
Jon in Mi.

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