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When I used to have a huge Who collection I had all of these songs on their original albums and 45s (most of those UK only).? Please allow me to add some to the following tracks:

>>>1. It Was You - Naturals? written by Pete, demo'd by him, unrecorded by The Who

I always heard that this was supposedly the first song that Pete ever wrote - and this is the only way to get it.

>>>2. It's Not True - Untamed (1)? pretty good cover

Issued on Shel Talmy's excellent Planet Records label - who also has the early Creation, Groundhogs and a few other acts.? He started this label after his falling out with The Who and pretty much anything on it is essential British rock of the?Mod era.

>>>3. It's Alright - Rockin' Vickers? actually a version of The Kids Are Alright, 
band featured future Sam Gopal/Hawkwind/Motorhead stalwart Lemmy 

Yep - Lemmy started in a beat band in the 60's.? There is a recent UK only CD compilation of theirn stuff that I can get if interested.

>>>4. Circles - Les Fleur De Lys? superb cover on Immediate label, up there with 
the Who version(s)

This band also issued several other singles and for some reason I think one was on Planet (but might be wrong).? There is/was also a UK only CD compilation of their stuff - not sure if it is still in print.

>>>5. Run Run Run - Birds (1)? Ron Wood's pre Creation/Faces/Stones band did 2 
versions of this

Both versions are on a Birds CD that we carry.? This band had some fine Mod tracks and there also used to be a UK only CD compilation that had them (now out of print).? Wood did these and jumped to the Creation from here replacing their excellent guitarist Eddie Phillips-? from whom Jimmy Page stole the bowing of the guitar by violin bow by the way!!!? After the Creation, Wood joined the Jeff Beck Group as bassist for two albums.

>>>6. So Sad About Us - Merseys? Ok version

The Merseys were a fine Liverpool style pop band that had a number of singles.? This song was right up their alley.

>>>7. Join My Gang - Oscar (1)? Oscar Beuselinck was actually the real name of 
ex-Screamin' Lord Sutch keyboard player and future Tommy movie actor/singer Paul 
Nicholas. Many of his early 45s are very collectable, and his son is a TV/film 
director called...Oscar Beuselinck

I have notes somewhere that Pete did this song as a demo only-? and yet the lyrics were in an issue of Eye Magazine in the 60's if I recall (along with a couple other songs).? Loved the line "you can join my gang even though you are a girl."

>>>>8. Lazy Fat People - Barron Knights? Hmm...never considered for recording by Rog 
and the boys...

Just plain weird!

>>>>9. Magic Bus - Pudding? Not a very good version

True - but it pre-dates the Who's version!!!!? Not sure if he wrote this song just for the Pudding and then decided to do it with The Who.

>>>10. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand - Opal Butterfly? Ain't heard this one

Another UK only 45 and the band did a couple others too.? Have not heard this in many years and so don't recall how it was.

>>>>11. Warm Heart Pasty - Heron, Mike? Or this, but like Heron's Incredible String 

I forget if this was taken from Heron's "Smiling Men With Bad Reputations" album, but Pete plays on it as "Tommy and the Bijou" - or was it "Bijou Drains?"? One of them anyway.

>>>>12. Give The Boy A Break - Gallagher & Lyle? Blimey, another one I don't know

A popular Scottish folk-rock duo that had quite a few albums actually on A&M, most issued in the USA too.? Their earlier stuff is featured on a UK only CD compilation of bands signed to Apple Publishing which we carry.

>>>>13. Long Live Rock - Fury, Billy? You only get a minute or so of Billy performing this in the background in the That'll Be The Day film.

A great UK rock film as was its successor "Stardust."? A perfect song for Fury too.

>>>>14. I Can't Explain - Elliman, Yvonne? 

Available originally on one of her solo albums (she sang with Clapton some too and had a long career) and issued as a 45 in the US I believe.

>>>15. Kuschty Rye - Lane, Ronnie? 1979 single produced by PT

I know this was a 45 here and in the UK but cannot recall if it hit any of Lane's albums.

>>>>16. Sing Children Sing - Duncan, Lesley? This was a charity single that Pete 
appeared on, alongside Kate Bush, Billy Nicholls, Madeleine Bell, Joe & Vicky 
Brown (the nurse from Tommy movie)

A UK only 45 and Pete was depicted on teh pic sleeve for it.

Nice to see this CD come out - there's some gems on it that all Who fans will enjoy.? All Who fans should also own all the Small Faces stuff, the Creation stuff and the Birds stuff too.? The first Small Faces album (UK only issue) is every bit as good as "My Generation" for example and their later pop-pysch stuff is also excellent.? None of these artists have US CDs currently.

Hope this was of interest.

Greg Biggs
CVC Collectables

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