For Pete's Sake: the Pete Townshend Connection

Gareth Thomas larfin_gravy at
Thu Oct 18 10:12:18 CDT 2007

My first post on this forum, so please excuse if it all looks wonky:
1. It Was You - Naturals  written by Pete, demo'd by him, unrecorded by The Who
2. It's Not True - Untamed (1)  pretty good cover
  3. It's Alright - Rockin' Vickers  actually a version of The Kids Are Alright, band featured future Sam Gopal/Hawkwind/Motorhead stalwart Lemmy 
4. Circles - Les Fleur De Lys  superb cover on Immediate label, up there with the Who version(s)
5. Run Run Run - Birds (1)  Ron Wood's pre Creation/Faces/Stones band did 2 versions of this
6. So Sad About Us - Merseys  Ok version
7. Join My Gang - Oscar (1)  Oscar Beuselinck was actually the real name of ex-Screamin' Lord Sutch keyboard player and future Tommy movie actor/singer Paul Nicholas. Many of his early 45s are very collectable, and his son is a TV/film director called...Oscar Beuselinck
8. Lazy Fat People - Barron Knights  Hmm...never considered for recording by Rog and the boys...
9. Magic Bus - Pudding  Not a very good version
10. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand - Opal Butterfly  Ain't heard this one
11. Warm Heart Pasty - Heron, Mike  Or this, but like Heron's Incredible String Band
12. Give The Boy A Break - Gallagher & Lyle  Blimey, another one I don't know
13. Long Live Rock - Fury, Billy  You only get a minute or so of Billy performing this in the background in the That'll Be The Day film.
14. I Can't Explain - Elliman, Yvonne  
15. Kuschty Rye - Lane, Ronnie  1979 single produced by PT
16. Sing Children Sing - Duncan, Lesley  This was a charity single that Pete appeared on, alongside Kate Bush, Billy Nicholls, Madeleine Bell, Joe & Vicky Brown (the nurse from Tommy movie) 

  Martin Bailey wrote: 
  Actually quite a good list - I haven't got any of these.  

I know Pete wrote (but never released) the songs like Lazy Fat People.  But what are the other connections to the other songs?

Warm Heart Pasty? Sing Children Sing? Give The Boy A Break? Kuschty Rye? 

Anyone any idea?


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