You know you're a Who Freak......

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu Oct 11 07:36:15 CDT 2007

>From: "Jim M" <nakedi at>
>Subject: Re: You're a Who Freak if...
>> Your son's name is Townshend...
>We have a winner!!!

I don't know, man.
Stu in MD's little one is named Keith Alec (Price).
That's two names!

Here's another one....
You know you're a freak when your wife cuts out an add from the local
paper for their classified section.
I didn't scan it, but in a nut shell...
<picture of a guitar>
"See me"
"Feel me"
"Pluck me"

And then a bunch of stuff about how buying local allows you to see the
merchandise, etc., etc.

See me, feel me, *pluck* me?

Holy Who bastardizations!

Yep, my wife knows I'm a Who freak.

Kevin in VT
P.s. as a joke, I suggested to my wife that we name our first William
She was all over it until I made her look at the
initials.........William Henry O'Neal (WHO).

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