You're a Who Freak if...

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Wed Oct 10 23:28:31 CDT 2007

>Actually, Townshend Davis (middle name for Miles Davis) Elwin
I like that!
>1.  You can't hear anymore.
>This reminds me of the infamous 2002 IGTC  Boston gathering  at  Jeff's 
where many faces were put to the names I knew online  for the  first time.  
Mrs. H, who is very witty, fun, and  gracious, about hit  me with a frying 
I wish it had been a rolling pin ;-).

>when I asked if their new little boy was named after   Pete.
That's funny, all this time I thought he was!  Huh.  Must have  assumed it.  
I guess we're Who freaks for thinking it.
1.  In 1982 you send over 500 postcards to MTV hoping to win their  contest 
to see The Who's farewell show in Toronto, receive  Pete's autographed guitar, 
and meet the band.  (The guy who won didn't  even seem to care!)
2.  You schedule a vacation in Florida to coincide with the Who show  there 
but deliberately wait until the day AFTER the show to do your scuba  diving, 
just in case something should go wrong.  Wouldn't it be a  bitch to die the day 
before a Who show?!
3.  Your neighbors say they know it's you by the unique,  melodic bass line 
coming from your car, as opposed to the typical steady  thump-thump-thump 
coming from others'.
4.  On a number of occasions you've put a Who video into the  player just to 
check a specific thing and got so mesmerized that  before you knew it you had 
watched the whole thing standing right  there in front of the TV.
5.  You steal the words THE and WHO off a giant "magnetic poetry"  display.  
6.  You make sure your connection at DMV assigns you a license plate  number 
that only a Who fan could appreciate.
7.  When someone mentions Clark Kent, you don't think Superman,  you think 
Garth Brooks (see Pete on VH-1 Storytellers).
8.  You know a doctor named Pete Townsend but always spell  his name wrong.  
9.  You need an iPod devoted entirely to Who.

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