Largo '73 Streaming on the vault!!!

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Oct 10 14:45:29 CDT 2007

It's listed as Philly but in fact is Largo! These are different versions 
with different between song banter.  No doubt it's Largo.  It's only the
 first 7 songs, I Am The Sea is cut.  The sound is comparable to the Philly 
'99 remix so it sounds good.  It needs more bass but that's just me:

 Can't Explain 2:17
Summertime Blues 4:49
My Wife 8:22
My Generation 6:36
The Real Me 4:31
 The Punk And The Godfather 5:48
I'm One 3:10

 Somebody Grab this!!! :)


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