Your a who freak....

Stephen Fairbairn seeker at
Tue Oct 9 23:18:03 CDT 2007

Ok, a few days late ... but... if your a Who freak ...

1)	You take your son out of school so you can do a road trip to Who  
concerts with him, so he 'will get it'.

2) Your jackets all have a 'Who" bulls-eye (roundel) sewn over the  
left -breast.

3)	Your concert jacket - the one you wear playing bass on stage in  
your band - is an army jacket with a huge Who roundel sewn on the  
back, and a Union jack on the front Right that says 'long live rock'.

4) you have a bumper sticker that says 'rock is dead, long live paper  
and scissors', and you find it very funny.

5) Your friends get in your car - knowing 'The Who' will be on the CD  

6) 'Live at Leeds' album jacket and contents (original pressing) is  
framed on your wall.

7. As is a maximum R & B poster, a Who head bandana, a union jack, a  
Who flag, Who concert tickets,.... pins, tee-shirts, 45's

6) The ring tone on your cell phone (work-phone) is 'My  
Generation' ... and you call yourself on other people's phones to  
interupt boring meetings....

7) 'The who' al caps hang all over the place - including your head.

8) Who concert posters in your garage.

9) Who roundels on your German motorcycle "if you need to ask why,  
you don't get it'.

10) You know that car in the back yard that doesn't work any more?  
yes dear .... why don't you sell it? ahhh, 'cause it has a Who  
sticker (maximum R & B) on it, and I can't find a replacement. And  
the discussion ends there.

11) While flying from Africa to Canada via Amsterdam, you read about  
'Tommy' being performed the night after you land in Amsterdam, - so  
you stay  (changing your plans) to see the stage show - and you get a  
seat 11 rows back centre stage from the concierge of the hotel ....  
and you don't care about getting the rest of the way home .... just  
because ..... like, when the next time I'll be here to do this?

12) Every event in your life has a who song. Every who song has an  
event in your life... (at least it seems that way)

13) your children could sing who songs before they could sing nursery  
rhymes (true)

14) Your teenage son quotes 'The Who' in appropriate situations.....  
"its MY generation, dad".... "slow down, this isn't no magic bus you  

15) I know where I was and what I was doing when John Lennon was  
shot, Keith Moon died, and JAE died. And my dad too.

16) I named my dog Roger.... and everyone knew why. Everyone.

17) When I went to London, the number one place I wanted to go?????  
not Big Ben, not the Bridge,....or the tower .... and I went.  to  
'the bush'.

18) I drove from Ottawa to Vancouver to see them live in (forgive  
me,...1989) because they were playing live!!!!!!!!!! And I'd do it  
again ....

19) A failed fuel pump and a car crash didn't keep me from seeing  
them in 2000 at 'The Gorge'.

I'm rattling on aren't I .....

Happy in my relationship...


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