who show question

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Tue Oct 9 02:20:44 CDT 2007

>> I was listening to a CD boot I have and came across a live version of
>> "tommy's holiday camp" with some playful bickering at the beginning
>> between keith and the rest of the band. roger announces something
>> and keith interupts, "well, screw 'ya then! you're not gonna let me do
>> my uncle ernie bit.." and you hear the band like trying to work out the
>> chords at the last minute, and keith asking, "what was the one you
>> suggested rog?" etc.   anyone know what show this is from? just curious.
> Man, that's on the HORTON HEARS THE WHO boot.  Bruce, which
> show is that from?  Is it Kilburn?

Yes, it's Kilburn. The track is also on Life with The Moons.


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