You're a Who Freak if...

Alan McKendree amck at
Mon Oct 8 23:57:04 CDT 2007

You know you're a freak when:

You buy two copies of to wear and one for the files.   
Then you almost never wear the "wearing" copy because you don't want  
to wear it out.

Between the vinyl, CDs, cassettes, VHS, DVDs, posters, T-shirts,  
ticket stubs, pictures, autographs and other memorabilia, no one --  
including you -- knows how much stuff you have.

You can entertain yourself by going through your collection and  
discovering things you've forgotten you had.

You remember events in your life by what tours were going on at the  

You know how many shows you've seen but it would take a spreadsheet  
to keep the details straight.

You have that spreadsheet.

You know you're a Who freak when:

You dream about getting to your seats at Who shows; talking to people  
in The Who; helping out with backstage problems at Who shows, etc.

You're the biggest Who fan your friends know.

You can identify Who songs -- and on a good day, the boot it came  
from -- in three notes (not necessarily the first three).  Sometimes  
in one.

A roundel means "The Who", not "Royal Air Force".

A circle with an arrow coming out of it means "The Who", not "male".

Your bulletin board at work has more pictures of The Who than memos  
related to your work.

You know Pete, Roger, Keith, and John's middle names, birthplaces,  
parent's names, siblings' names, and children's names.

You know why the names Pete, Roger, John, and Keith are significant.   
Also Bobby, Wiggy, Cy, Nicola, Nobby, and Dougal.

You know the address of the Goldhawk Social Club.

You've seen a picture of Irish Jack's Goldhawk Social Club membership  

You know who Irish Jack is.

You know Irish Jack.

You know which of those dudes onstage are original members of The Who.

You can recognize John's bass tone from across the room, five years  
after he's left the building.

You know where the quote "the average Texan...carries not just a gun  
but a SHOTGUN" comes from.

Alan McKendree
"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."  --Pete  
Townshend, 1967

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