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Mon Oct 8 14:40:49 CDT 2007

Does anyone know if these interviews are around anywhere?
U.S. Presbyterian Church puts out a "What's It All About" promo 45  featuring 
a Pete Townshend interview.
MTV airs their  Farewell To The Who special
October 1977
3rd, Pete is interviewed on a pre-recorded segment of  Capitol Radio's Your 
Mother Wouldn't Like It. He says he gets ten offers a week  to produce 
punk-rock bands. He also declares The Who have reached the end of  what they can do.
On the 15th, Pete goes on BBC Radio One's Rock On to promote book The Story  
Of Tommy 
10/21/67 The Who head to Manchester to play the New Century Hall. The  
mini-opera "Rael," introduced to the set at the beginning of the month
On the 10/22nd/67, The Who play two shows at the Saville Theatre in London  
preceded by Vanilla Fudge and Studio Six. Before the show Pete is interviewed 
on  camera about illicit drugs by Australian director Peter Clifton. During the 
 show, Pete plays a double-necked guitar and Keith wears a jester's outfit.
10 30th,67 the quite different stereo mix of The Who Sell Out is created at  
De Lane Lea Studios in London. That evening  Nederland 2 airs Vjoew  featuring 
an interview with Pete conducted by John Peel. Pete plays an acetate  of 
"Armenia City In The Sky," showing the artwork for the album and discussing  the 
thematic advertising link.

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