You're a Who Freak if....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu Oct 4 12:32:28 CDT 2007

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>Great post Joe!

>1)You see anyone who's never heard of The Who as Martians.

Look for small antennae on their heads!

>2)You refer to your fav't sports team as The Who by accident.


>3)You can't go a day without seeing if there is Who news on the

I can relate!

>4)I read the comics everyday hoping there is a Who reference.
I read the news with the same thought.  I love the World Health
Organization news, in that they use WHO all throughout!


1) If as a coach you wear a different Who T-shirt at every K-2 soccer
practice (never to young to influence).
2) just the opening note of a Who song will get your head turning.
3) You don't go into much detail with non-freaks, so as to avoid "the
4) You have a bloody license plate that is Who related and the name of
your boat is Who related. ;-)
5) You spell *hit...shite, or use expressions like "Core Blymey!" ;-)

Kevin in VT

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