You're a Who Freak if....

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Wed Oct 3 14:20:38 CDT 2007

Great post Joe!
Here are some of mine:
1)You see anyone who's never heard of The Who as Martians.
2)You refer to your fav't sports team as The Who by accident.
(I do this from time to time.The Who are playing the Bruins today)LOL.
3)You can't go a day without seeing if there is Who news on the internet
4)I read the comics everyday hoping there is a Who reference.
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1.  You look forward to the first of the month to read The Who This Month
by Brian Cady.
2.  A Who concert T-Shirt is considered semi-formal attire.
3.  Commercials with Who songs are a reason not to fast-forward.
4.  You relate everyday happenings with Who song lyrics.

What makes you a Who Freak?

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