Amazing Journey sneak in Santa Monica Saturday?

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Tue Oct 2 20:14:47 CDT 2007

I ran across this at the website for the Mods & Rockers film festival.
Running as a double feature with "Gimme Shelter"
Saturday October 6, 2007 - 7:30pm
Aero Theatre, Santa Monica
(2007, 120 mins, ?!?, Directed by ?!?)
For legal reasons, this film must remain unidentified until 7:30pm on the day we screen it! Given the sterling reputation that the Mods & Rockers Film Festival has earned over the years for premiering wonderful films featuring The Beatles, Stones, Who, Pink Floyd, Cream, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Dylan, Zappa etc etc - attendees are not likely to be disappointed by the "Mystery Sneak Peek!" This sneak preview will be the very first public screening of this phenomenal film. Your friends will be envious that you saw it first! We are sworn to secrecy but we can give you one very big clue and assurance. The film is amazing - and it is NOT about Menudo!
Trying to figure it out, I notice the word "amazing" and the length is exactly the same as the new Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who. And the guy that runs the festival is Martin Lewis who is an old friend of Pete's who was one of the producers of The Kids Are Alright DVD. What do you think?
-Brian in Atlanta
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