Roger Clark roger.clark40 at
Tue Oct 2 12:23:54 CDT 2007

The show featured in this edition of Top Gear was last year's Hyde Park show
of 2nd July. Top Gear has absolutely no interest in vans whatsoever, it was
just a very tenuous and feeble (I pleased to say!) excuse to include The Who
on the programme. The main presenter Jeremy Clarkson is a big, big Who fan.


> Someone on Relayers,Diane,I think I read says that it's from a show
> last year where the three hosts pose as roadies during a WHO
> concert where you see the Who doing WGFA and Roger shouts
> something "pity"! something.
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> writes:
> >>>>i dont know if its current or not now lol....someone said maybe its
> because
> top gear is new here on BBC America....have to watch and see...all i know
> saw
> the advert lol<<<<

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