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> Hmm...  so the interview was actually conducted in 2004?  From *where*

I got a chance to watch the first 15 minutes or so.  It's a 1 hour
documentary called "Thunderfingers" that seems to have been filmed just
before he died.  I assume if you're a John fan or a Who historian you've
seen this already.  If not, it's certainly worth checking out.  Lots of
interviews with John about his approach to playing and personal background.
He demonstrates technique and how to achieve certain bass sounds.  Other
people interviewed include John's family, other famous bass players and
peripheral Who folks, but not Pete or Roger.

I also watched the Top Gear show last night.  The Who's segment was fun, but
fairly short.  The hosts were testing cargo vans by loading and moving their
gear between shows.  Pete & Rog each made a couple of jokes (when the host
complained Pete had too much gear or his van, Pete said he could get him a
job with the Arctic Monkeys) and there was a short clip of them playing.

All in all a couple of nice Who TV surprises.

Jim M

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