Eric Clapton's side of the Rainbow concert

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Mon Oct 1 13:50:29 CDT 2007

An excerpt from Eric Clapton's autobiography from The Times (London):

...Inside, I would sleep most of the day and get up in the late afternoon. I played the guitar for hours, recording songs on to cassettes, most of them pretty dreadful. I also drew a lot. My only other pastime was making model aeroplanes and cars.

One of the few people I did see was Pete Townshend who, during a rare period of my wanting to work, I had asked over to help me finish off some tracks I had recorded with Derek and the Dominos. By the time he arrived I had lost interest in the project and in an effort to explain my total inertia I confessed I had a problem. I was horrified when he told me that he had known for sometime. It turned out that he had been to the house several times to talk to Alice. I felt embarrassed when he told me he was keen to help me, because I’d begun to hate myself for dragging Alice down with me.

Pete told me he and Alice’s father had devised a plan to help me get back on my feet: a comeback concert at the Rainbow Theatre in London, as part of Fanfare for Europe, celebrating Britain’s entry into the Common Market. On the night of the show, January 13, 1973, Alice had to let out the waist of my white suit because I had taken to eating so much chocolate that I couldn’t get the trousers on any more. Alice and I, stoned out of our heads, turned up late to find Pete tearing his hair out.

The welcome I was given by the audience was very moving, but afterwards I went back into hiding and sank to new lows, with Alice following close behind. I was soon taking vast quantities of heroin every day, and my cravings had become so powerful that Alice was giving me virtually everything that she was able to score, compensating for the heroin she was missing by drinking neat vodka, up to two bottles a day...
-Brian in Atlanta
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