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Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Thu Nov 29 06:12:09 CST 2007

Hugh Muir in today's Guardian has a note on Pete's Record Collector interview:

Finally, however rich you become, the problem remains that there is always someone richer. Take Pete Townshend, multimillionaire guitar trasher from the Who. In the latest edition of Record Collector magazine, he speaks of the even greater riches amassed by the computer whizzes of Google and the like. "They could fight a war with all those billions," he says. "They could build a university. It looks to me like they just count it. Some of them build yachts so big that they block the sun from the port in France I sail from." This is inequality on a truly Dickensian scale; why all of us must fight poverty.
-Brian in Atlanta
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