The Punk and The Godfather Philly or Landover?

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Nov 28 18:51:17 CST 2007

It has been brought to my attention that there are some major differences between the version of the song on VFABP and the one streaming on Wolfgang's Vault.  Both assumed to be from Landover 12/6/73.

Roger flubs the first line of the third verse on VFABP, and continues to repeat the second (We tried to speak between lines of oration)
verse as the third verse.  On the Wolfgangs stream he repeats the first verse (You declared you would be three inches taller) as the third verse. (they way the song is suppose to go).

Townshend repeats his bridge line and says "preach" twice, instead of "teach," on the Wolfgangs version, but on VFABP, he sings the two lines correctly.

I checked my Philly audience recording and Pete does not flub the Preach line and the third verse is (We tried to speak between lines of oration).

So either the VFABP version is from Philly or there is some major editing going on.  I could see fixing Pete's line easily but a whole verse.

I know, it's easy to get confused. It has given me a headache.  Please, someone confirm of deny all of this (Schrade!).  I've got to take some tylenol now.


PS at this point I'd just about kill someone to get a audience recording of Landover and settle all of the nonsense once and for all.

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