Who Doesn't Sell Out?

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Wed Nov 28 14:58:55 CST 2007

Jon wrote a nice treatment on preparing a coke for a refreshing drink.:

 > PS: The proper way to drink coca cola (by itself) out from either 
a plastic
or glass bottle is to add ice to a large glass (preferably octogonal)  of coke
 > already 2/3rds full. It will be too harsh without the ice.   The 
ice sweetens
 > the taste. This will  make a frozen coke froth at the  top that 
you will enjoy.


What about a nice scoop of French vanilla ice-cream.   Now we're 
talking froth!

Coke after coke, after coke...

Joe in Philly

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