Who Doesn't Sell Out?

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> Who doesn't sell out?
> 1971 - The New Seekers turn a jingle into a single when they re- 
> record the
> Coca-Cola song I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (in Perfect  
> Harmony). In
> other words, advertisers were co-opted first rather than vice-versa.

The one I remember from years ago is someone standing on a sidewalk  
with lyrics writte in marker on posterboard, dropping them one by one  
to reveal new lyrics, with the music being "The Israelite" by Desmond  
Dekker.  But the written "lyrics" were actually what the words  
sounded like -- nonsense -- not what they really were:  "Get up in  
the morning forsten a razor..." etc.  It was hilarious, but I only  
saw it a couple times.  Can't remember the product -- sneakers?   
Hm...off to a youtube search...

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