Pete Blog - Nov. 25, 2007

Martin Bailey mbailey at
Tue Nov 27 07:27:46 CST 2007

This was an interesting post from Pete, worthy of some comments.

Scott Schrade quoted Pete's blog:

> I had lunch with Roger to discuss the next year, and we were both full of ideas

Sounds promising.

> I fought hard, as usual, for my right to write

Shows more promise.

> What I'm here to write about is procrastination. 

I know what he means.  Sometimes I'd rather clean the house, re-check my emails, make another coffee, feed the cat - anything rather than start work.

But surely this can't be a NEW problem for him?  Surely he must of had to fight his "Creative Creature" for the whole of his working life?

> So I acquiesce.

Did Noel Gallagher teach him that word?   (No, probably not...)

> I found myself wondering
> if I can be bothered to wait for CC to hatch an egg, golden or otherwise. So
> I am going to speed things up a bit. Rather than do what I usually do which is
> to wait until the New Year to make decisions and forge ahead blindly, I am
> going to shut my eyes and forge ahead blindly BEFORE Christmas

This is good!  I like this idea: start work writing the next album RIGHT NOW, rather than wait until after Christmas. (And then after the January sales, and then after winter's finished, and then after Easter... and then after 24 years.)

> Bloggers who hide behind silly names

Surely not,


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