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Great review as well Scott.The sludgebowl football game is over and my  
Dolphins are 0-11 lol so
now it's time to have my first listen of the CD's.
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To  augment Bruce's great review:

Produced by  Bob Pridden
Compiled and mastered by Jon Astley
Mixed by Bob Pridden  & Sean Witt

Wow!  This is brilliant stuff!  I loved it  all!  Even though some of
it's been released before & we've heard  other songs on boots, this
2-CD package is an absolute delight.

The  sound is flippin' awesome.  I don't know if this CD is getting
the  obligatory negative reaction in certain quarters because of Jon
Astley's  involvement, but I thought he & everyone else (Bob Pridden
especially)  did an outstanding job.  This was actually worth the 
$50.00 fee to  officially join the website!

CD 1
Fortune Teller
Oct. 12, 1969 -  Dearborn, MI
Arguably the worst-sounding track on the CD.  A bit muddy  but a 
huge leap from the thin-sounding boots of this era.  A very  slow &
methodical version of the song.  The bass is loud which,  thankfully,
can be said of all the tracks.

Happy Jack
I'm A  Boy
A Quick One
Feb. 15, 1970 - Hull, England
Brilliant.  Just  brilliant.  Leeds-like sound.  Loud drums.  Crisp  cymbals.
Beautiful bass.  Thick, gritty guitar.  Top-notch  vocals.  In IAB, Pete
sings: "The other was Rog & he's a boy!"  (!)  AQO is stunning.

Magic Bus
June 9, 1970 - Denver,  CO
Cor blimey, release this whole show!  A long, rip-roaring version  of
MB.  I sometimes get bored with this song but I was  mesmerized.
Maybe even better sound than the above group.  OX is so  patient,
waiting for the explosion to begin his riffing.  And it's a  long wait.  This 
song clocks in at 13:50.  Some jaw-dropping  guitar work by Pete.

I Can't Explain
My Wife
Behind  Blue Eyes
Baby Don't You Do It
Dec. 13, 1971 - San Francisco,  CA
Again:  Release...entire...show...please.  Wonderful despite  having heard
much of this before.  Loud everything!  Great  mix!  Who heaven!

CD 2
The Punk & the  Godfather
Won't Get Fooled Again
Dec. 6, 1973 - Largo, Maryland  (WGFA from Philly)
Sound quality drops a bit here because of the original  recordings, but still,
it's good stuff.  Don't think I've heard "Punk"  & "5:15" before.  But the
WGFA is definitely from the TALES FROM  THE WHO boot.  However,
the acoustic guitar on the synth track is real  loud here.  Each song has
that somewhat muddy & slightly weak  sound we've grown accustomed
to on the boots.  The drums suffer the  most.  All that said, it still sounds
great.  As good as it's  gonna get.  WGFA has the full intro, not a fade-in.

Young Man  Blues
Boris the Spider
Naked Eye/Let's See Action/My  Generation Blues
May 18, 1974 - Charlton Athletic Club, South  London
Sound quality goes back up to bitchin' levels here.  Nice &  beefy unlike
some of the video boots that have circulated.  A release  of this entire show
wouldn't go amiss, either.  Some hilarious stage  banter, too:  "And now we'd
like to feature....!  The man in the  horrible jacket....  John Entwistle!  
Wiiiiiith....  Not  'My Wife!'  Not 'Heaven & Hell!'  Not 'Doctor  Fucking
Doctor!'  But the one & only....really  nasty....spooky....'Boris the 

Squeeze Me
Dreaming  From the Waist
Fiddle About
Pinball Wizard
I'm Free
Tommy's  Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
See Me, Feel Me/Listening To  You
June 12, 1976 - Swansea, Wales
Again, we've heard much of this  before, officially & unofficially, but once
more the sound is  consistently top-notch here.  A nice TOMMY ending 
to the whole  she-bang.

Packaging:  Cardboard slipcase, open at the top where  cardboard sleeves
slide in & out (and in and out).  Big 22-page  booklet with no liner notes
to speak of but a lot of rare pictures.   And they gave Bobby Pridden his
due with a full picture on the last  page!  Nice touch!

I can't say enough about this CD.  I hope  this is a sign that greater things
are to come.  Like I said, full  concert releases of this material would be
every Who freak's dream come  true (that & more DVD releases!).  I'm
gonna be playing this  constantly for the next few months.  Whew....!


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