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Mon Nov 26 16:46:04 CST 2007

I got my copy of the View From a Backstage Pass today.  All tracks in stereo as far as I can tell.  I love it, for the most part everything is a Leeds mix (Pete right, John left)

Disc One 

Fortune Teller Recorded at The Grande Ballroom, Dearborn Michigan October 12th 1969 (A bonfire survivor! :) )

Happy Jack, I'm A Boy, A Quick One Recorded at City Hall, Hull February 15th 1970
(there is some echo, not sure if was added, venue is about the same as Leeds Uni) 

Magic Bus Recorded at Mammoth Gardens, Denver, Colorado June 9th 1970 
(No tempo change for first 10m!  Finally Moon can stand it anymore and pounds his snare like a machine gun until the rest join in on a tempo change. A little tape hiss at the start.)

I Can't Explain, Substitute, My Wife, Behind Blue Eyes, Bargain, Baby You Don't Do It Recorded at Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California, December 13th 1971 
(All previously released songs complete, some with added song intros.  This show HAS to released complete someday, sounds better han ever!) 

Disc Two 

The Punk And The Godfather, 5.15, Won't Get Fooled Again Recorded at The Capital Centre, Largo, Maryland, December 6th 1973 
(Listed as Largo, Joe G. throws hand up. :) Punk is from DC, matching the version streaming on Wolfgangs Vault.  There is a small edit where the band muff the end of the song.  5:15 likewise is from DC the intro is not the one from the KBFH which mentions Philly by name.  Now it gets interesting, I am fairly certain WGFA is the KBFH version from Philly not DC as listed.  I can't find any part of the song that doesn't match the well known KBFH version. I also compared it to the Philly audience recording.  If it is Philly there is a small edit just before the song starts where the synth tape starts  and restarts quickly, this was also edited out for broadcast.)

Young Man Blues, Tattoo, Boris The Spider, Naked Eye/Let's See Action/My Generation Blues Recorded at Charlton Athletic Football Club, South London, May 18th 1974 
(Dry mix, no echo or delay like the BBC TV broadcast)

Squeeze Box, Dreaming From The Waist, Fiddle About, Pinball Wizard, I'm Free, Tommy's Holiday Camp, We're Not Gonna Take It, See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You Recorded at Vetch Field, Swansea, Wales, June 12th 1976 
(All previously released tracks complete)

Cardboard sleeves and booklet in a slipcase.
Produced by Bob Pridden
Compiled and Mastered by Jon Astley
Mixed by Bob Pridden and Sean Witt


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