anyone seen this one?

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sun Nov 25 07:55:12 CST 2007

> oops.   my fault probably.   just visit the youtube site, and type in 
> roger
> daltrey, "take me home". comma and quotation marks included.

Yep, that works.  No, I haven't seen it before.

Here's the info from YouTube:

"Roger Daltrey - Take Me Home (1987)  Promo video from the Can't Wait to See 
The Movie album...."

Good god, it's awful.  I bought that CD (CWTSTM) just because it came in 
nice box.  I've listened to it once, and have no intention of ever playing 
it again.  The cardboard box is the best bit of the package.

It just goes to show: the whole of Roger's solo singing career has been such 
a wasted opportunity.  I can understand him not wanting to make solo music 
that sounds like The Who, but he's only ever made rubbish.

As for the video: you're right about the Robert Palmer pastiche.  Definitely 
trying to be a Japanese version of "Addicted to Love".


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