bit of pointing the finger at John in AJ?

Sun Nov 25 03:32:58 CST 2007

just thinking about something, and of course I could be wrong, but is it me, 
or did they sort of "blame" John and his finances for the 96 who reunion and 
the others that followed? sort of like, "well, we had no other choice. John was 
in trouble financially."  they showed a clip from the RAH 2000 show as if it 
was just a typical who concert, not mentioning that it was a charity show and 
the charity being one that roger and his and pete's doctor came up with for 
teens with cancer.  they showed the "concert for new york city", and we all know 
what it was for, but no one mentioned that on that same night, John and his 
"other" band performed at a club in new york (B.B. king's I believe) with 
proceeds going to the same cause, y know, to show that, yeah, John was extravagant, 
but he also didn't mind doing benefits where he wouldn't get a cent from the 

oh, so much they could've added to it ay? ha. 

but again, like I said, I could be wrong. 

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