Moon era concert DVDs to be released!

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Nov 21 21:09:32 CST 2007

This bit of news is from moderator:

"Hi, All,

A message has come through to me from The Who's management about 'Amazing Journey' and the mysterious 3rd disc... Apparently, the reason the bonus Chicago DVD is not the whole show is that it was remixed from the original 24track tapes and the sound was incomplete on some tracks due to tapes running out on the night being changed. The decision was made not to include tracks from an inferior stereo mix that exists.

The Coliseum and Kilburn concerts were completed and intended for release as part of Amazing Journey but the releasing partner only wanted to put out a two disc set. Only the Japanese releasing partner wanted the third disc, so they will put it out when they release 'Amazing Journey' next year. The Kilburn and Coliseum shows will be made available to fans at a future date, as well as, possibly, the 2006 Leeds University show.


Rob L"

OK?  Outfuckingstanding! :)


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