Who to play Holland

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Tue Nov 20 11:57:45 CST 2007

>jon at thirdofnever
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>I love the the Q and A when Pete said that if if The Who make another  
>album, he'll probably play most of it again.

Damn, I missed that.

>Oh, goodie....

What the hell is he thinking?
What happened to his promise to Zak?

>People love the Who because of what they do on stage, and the albums  
>that at least somewhat represented their live sound were successful,  
>and the ones that don't are not. How damn hard is that to figure out? 

Jeeze, Pete.  You're solo stuff never took off anywhere near what The
Who has done.
We thought you figured all that out when you came back to the band.
>Pete said the sales for Endless Wire were just okay...gee...why  
>wouldn't people want to shell out money for stuff like In The Ether 

Don't forget about "just one more Heimey!  Heimey!??"
Your father is your lover, 
your sister is your mother, 
this is all so confusing, 
its not even worth perusing
>The man can play  
>incredible guitar at a show, but plays like Gordon Fucking Lightfoot  
>in the studio. What bullshit.

If they (he?) do another album, he damn well better grab that flippin'
bull by the horns and cut loose.
If he doesn't, I couldn't blame Zak for simply wanting nothing to do
with it.

>Damn it.

For phucks sake!

Kevin in VT

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