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Alan McKendree amck at
Mon Nov 19 23:23:51 CST 2007

> From: Lowgens02 at
> Date: November 19, 2007 9:45:03 AM CST
> Arguing?This reminds me too much of these idiots.I'm willing to bet  
> they are
> one and the same.
> All this guy ever wants to do is argue.
> _


FWIW, I did get an e-mail from FOTO admitting he was wrong, and  
saying he'd get around to changing the website info "at some point".   
He hasn't done it yet yet (24 hours later) and I'm not holding my  
breath.  If I were selling stuff, I would make sure that any claims I  
made about the music (dates, personnel, related facts) were as  
correct as I could make them, and (as does King Brian of Atlanta), I  
would actively solicit and follow up on corrections.  It's "sloppy  
stagehands" like FOTO that perpetuate (or start) BS about the band,  
making it harder to preserve and protect history as it actually  

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