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> I think the only band that has screwed up more than The Who is Van Halen.

well, unlike the who, the original members of van halen are still
alive, but for some reason or another, bassist michael anthony isn't
joining them for their current tour. I have however read and heard nothing 
but rave reviews of the current VH shows, so. they're probably doing SOMEthing 
right. what it is, I for one ain't sure. 

> People love the Who because of what they do on stage, and the albums  
> that at least somewhat represented their live sound were successful,  
> and the ones that don't are not. How damn hard is that to figure out?  
> Pete said the sales for Endless Wire were just okay...gee...why  
> wouldn't people want to shell out money for stuff like In The Ether  
> and Marty Robbins, or great songs like Sound Round or Mirror Door that  
> are either cut in half, or have wimpy guitar parts. The man can play  
> incredible guitar at a show, but plays like Gordon Fucking Lightfoot  
> in the studio. What bullshit.

I hear 'ya Jon.....I hear 'ya.. 

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