Who to play Holland

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Mon Nov 19 20:35:01 CST 2007

It'll probably be some acoustic crap.

I love the the Q and A when Pete said that if if The Who make another  
album, he'll probably play most of it again.

Oh, goodie....

I think the only band that has screwed up more than The Who is Van Halen.


People love the Who because of what they do on stage, and the albums  
that at least somewhat represented their live sound were successful,  
and the ones that don't are not. How damn hard is that to figure out?  
Pete said the sales for Endless Wire were just okay...gee...why  
wouldn't people want to shell out money for stuff like In The Ether  
and Marty Robbins, or great songs like Sound Round or Mirror Door that  
are either cut in half, or have wimpy guitar parts. The man can play  
incredible guitar at a show, but plays like Gordon Fucking Lightfoot  
in the studio. What bullshit.

Damn it.


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Quoting Jim M <nakedi at comcast.net>:

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"
>>> Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend will also discuss the recently
>>> released double DVD "Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who".
>> Oooh....that'll be good.
>> PETE:  I had nothing to do with it.
>> ROGER:  I refuse to watch it.
> Cute.
>> OK, let's break for a commercial....!   ;-)
> No commercials, this is the BBC, mate.  OK, let's break for MORE WHO!!!!
> Jim M
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