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> An absolute travesty that Moon falls behind Bonham.? Bonham was great, yes, 
> but not in Moon's league, IMHO.? May have had more technical skill, but his 
> drumming on Zeppelin's studio stuff leaves me absolutely flat.? It's pretty 
> damn vanilla compared to what Moon did.? I listen to several Who songs JUST 
> for the drumming and am blown away every time.? There isn't one Zeppelin song, 
> and I really like Zep, that I can say that about.? Moon INFINITELY superior 
> as a rock and roll drummer.? BTW, the Moby Dick solo on the studio version is 
> shite, IMO.

actually, keith was no. 3, neil pert from rush was no. 2 and bonham was no. 
1. any thoughts on pert and why he's so overrated?    
hell, roger was voted no. 10 in the "greatest frontmen" category. and it was 
a top 10 list. Jagger was no. 1, mercury was no. 2 and plant was no. 3. steve 
tyler, david bowie(?!), bruce springsteen, bono, Jim morrison and david Lee 
roth also showed up on the list but forgot where they were placed exactly.    
and pete didn't show up on the guitarists list AT ALL! talk about sacrilige.. 

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