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Sat Nov 17 19:45:33 CST 2007

so, what did I mean by that crack about them being "naive later on"?   let's 
put it this way, two great examples: patti smith and bruce springsteen. both 
of whom in their 50's now, still highly influential in their own ways (like the 
who are, let's face it), and yet none of whom have lent their music to be 
used to sell anything but themselves.   bruce WAS I believe 25 or 26 (maybe even 
24. my age) when he realized he was being screwed over, sued, won, and 
recieved ownership of his material (publishing etc.) which he has kept to this day.   
by the way, bruce had the no. 1 album in the country for two weeks total 
recently, and as far as I know, youtube didn't back him up, no car companies 
played any of the album's songs, nadda. same with the white stripes with their 
latest, "icky thump". no youtube video exclusives, no car ads, etc. and yet it 
became their highest charted debut yet (no. 2). nothing against youtube, it's 
kinda fun, but still.    just something to think about and it's pretty much what 
I meant by that "naive later on" thing.  nothing to do with contracts anyway, 
just the "selling out" car ad stuff.  boring, I know, but that's what I meant. 

I hope this dosen't lead to a heated discussion. just giving me opinion. : )

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