"rock band countdown"

FlashGordon rgordon1276 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 18:59:55 CST 2007

""folk rock" hasn't been seriously uttered since the 60's. ha."

But there's where Dylan got his start and then went to an electric
sound, right?  I guess some of the difference is in the song
structure, but then a lot of it is just the presentation. I caught
Simon & Garfunkle (big folk rockers) on their big tour a few years
back and noticed they had shifted to a bigger band and a harder rock
sound, keeping up with the times, I guess.

" "hard rock", "punk rock" whatever.   I for one don't
see how it could be transferred to "super mario brothers" hence the video
game stuff, not to mention its heavy use in TV ads. but that's something else

What?  Rock in general, or punk rock?

"remember when punk and hard rock rebelled against all that corperate mumbo
jumbo?  when "the who sell out" was a joke title? ; )"

Yeah, that was when the bands were young and naive.  A little taste of
money and they start to reconsider their manifesto, as Townshend says.

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